Pump & Run

Earn a twenty (20) second deduction off your 5K finish for each repetition (rep). The rules are as follows:
  • A maximum of thirty (30) reps, or ten (10) minutes, will be counted/deducted.
  • Weight being pumped will be based on % of body weight and age.
  • Athletes will be weighed in prior pumping. Attire during weigh in must be at a minimum shorts, t- shirt, and socks.
  • Weight to be pumped will be rounded UP to the nearest multiple of 5 lbs.
  • Reps begin at full arm extension, and then are lowered until the bar touches the chest, and then back to full extension. Back and butt must be flat on the bench with both feet on the floor at all times. NO bouncing bar off chest. Incomplete reps will not count. No more than one (1) second is allowed in between reps at either the chest or full extension.
  • If a rep is thought to be questionable or close to being incomplete – the Pump Referee will issue one (1) “warning”. A second “warning” will end the Pumpers session. Rulings by the Pump Referee are final.
  • Pumpers must sign a Cheshire Fitness Club liability waiver
  • Pumpers must be 18 years of age older to participate in the Pump portion of the Cheshire
  • Pump & Run.
For a PDF version of the rules and regulations for the Pump & Run, click here.

Event Partners

  • Sourwood Festival
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